Who are we?

Oesterbaai is the largest asbestos survey and consultancy in the Netherlands. Everyone has the right to a healthy and safe living and working environment with unnecessary exposure to hazardous substances and unsafe conditions to a minimum. We strive for an environment containing no asbestos and ceramic fibers that may impair health.


Within the field of hazardous materials and substances we provide certified or recognized studies, monitoring programs, risk assessments and consultancy services. These hazardous substances were and are used around the world in many buildings, ships, industrial equipment, factories and oil rigs.


You can contact Oesterbaai for research and advisory work, asbestos, ceramic fibres and demolition for renovation purposes or full demolition. Each project will be tailored to your needs and we will focus strongly on the scale of the project, specialist work, safety aspects, time constraints and media sensitivity.

Fields of work

Oesterbaai engineering firm works within the fields of real estate, accidents & emergencies, offshore and industrial projecs, and it also provides training programmes and it also supplies the digital asbestos archiving and management tool, EVA.

Risk management

Sanitation is certainly not always necessary. However, it is obligatory to map out and manage the asbestos risk in a building. That is why risk management is often included in the policy plans of property managers, occupational health & safety departments and QHSE managers. Oesterbaai establishes the level of asbestos risk in building and will provide you will clear reports, recommendations and digital asbestos management software.

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